BeddedBliss puts together the perfect bag of gifts for any occasion

Lovely Feel Good Gifts from Bedded Bliss

Getting anxious about Mother's Day? Bedded Bliss has the answer! Lovely feel good packages Moms will love. Have her de-stress, with Bedded Bliss!

$50 or $100 gift bags can be picked up curbside, or we can deliver to your home! Images show the merchandise we will be putting in the bags, which are our best selling and luxury gifts. There are a few more items to add. We'll update the end of the week!

Email to reserve your gift package.

Payment info will be set up for safe online processing. Thank you, and be safe and healthy!

mising textures for bedding

Mixing Textures

It's all about the senses! Mixing textures and mixing colors creates a divine bed. Come in and we'll help find the perfect combination for you.

Lucid candles


These Lucid candles are refillable- they never burn out or down and they are beyond lovely. See you soon - get yours before they sell out!

Aaaaah for Summer

Create a cool and serene bedroom with crisp, clean blue and white bed linens. You can just smell that fresh summer air.

Retreat Like Atmosphere

"I want my bedroom to feel like a retreat." I hear that comment from many of my clients. Creating a sense of serenity in their bedroom starts with soothing colors like creams, taupes, soft blues, greens and lavendars.

Why choose linen?

Even way back in the 1800's women knew there was nothing better than linen to dry their cherished tea pot and glassware. It doesn't scratch, it's very absorbent, long lasting and is eco-friendly. But don't think these beautiful tea towels are only for drying your dishes. Use them to line your basket of fresh baked muffins, or two wrap a bottle of your favorite wine.

Fresh flowers are always in style

You don't have to be an expert gardener to wake up to beautiful flowers every morning. Aren't these exquisite? Finely embroidered larkspur dance across the cases. Adding a touch of color to your bedroom is a perfect way to kick out the winter and bring in the spring.

Dancing Naked

With a title like this does this darling little book even need explaining? Our Craig has read the whole book, and loves all the funny stories the author writes about. The author, Carmen Richardson Rutlen, has won awards for this book, another perfect gift for a special someone who needs some cheering up, or one who is hard to buy for...

It's easy to spot his artistry

Jon Robshaw has outdone himself this season. The line is filled with fun colors and designs, as represented in this new bed. John is also quite famous for his decorative pillows. They are used by the brightest designers in the country, and almost every high-end magazine you open, you can always pick out John's pillows in the photo. We LOVE him!!