Over 20 years of loving fine linens

After opening a small shop over 20 years ago, filled with various objects and two beds which displayed fine linens, I quickly discovered my passion. I was drawn to the fine linens and the emotions that they created, and found myself creating my own oasis in my home. Running my hand across smooth textures, marveling over intricate embroideries and surrounding myself in little luxuries was an ideal way to relax after long days. Bedded Bliss evolved from those two beds and I shifted my inventory to focus on helping my clients create their own serene surroundings.

I admit that I believe the bed is the most important piece of furniture in your home. It should be welcoming, inviting, almost coaxing you to curl up for some much needed rest and rejuvenation. That's the attitude you'll see when you visit Bedded Bliss. I like to mix designers, layer textures and help my clients create very personal havens which match their lifestyles. That often means lighter weight, easy-to-care-for linens which are kid proof, pooch proof and evidently most importantly, husband proof!

It's not uncommon for our clients to come in with a beautiful sample of their draperies or a description of a favorite rug from which they want to begin their design. Color plays a key role and is usually where we start. Textured matelasses, hand quilted silk coverlets, Egyptian cotton intricately designed quilts, or fine Belgian flax linens they are almost always machine washable...we rarely do dry clean. Little accents can make all the difference. When you visit us, you will find simple "hotel" style embroideries to the elaborate designs manufactured in small Tuscon towns where embroidery and lace are works of art.

Enjoy looking through our site. You'll find images which represent my philosophy of pairing designers in the quest to put together the perfect bed. Spend a little time discovering the many fine gifts, scents and accents that extend beyond the bed. Bedded Bliss is filled with ideas and we are ready to help you, or work with your designer to create your personal bliss.